Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q. Can you handle my surviving parent's move and the estate of my deceased parent at the same time?
A. Marshall Senior Move Managers & Estate Liquidators  makes every effort to accommodate all our client's needs and requests. We can liquidate an estate after making sure that all the items the surviving spouse wants to keep has been clearly marked or moved. With our online method of liquidating the estate the surviving spouse can remain in the home while the auction is in process or the auction can take place after the surviving spouse's relocation. 

Q. Is there a fee for a consultation or an estimate?
A. A representative from Marshall Senior Move Managers & Estate Liquidators will meet with you for a FREE no-obligation consultation. At the time of the meeting you will receive a check list to use whether or not you choose our services. 

Q. What do we need to start the job?
A. For a senior move to be as stress free as possible it is important that we collaborate with our client to honor the past while encouraging them to embrace the future. This process takes time and adjusting and should not be rushed. The more time you allow for the work of letting go and deciding what to take the less stress there will be and the smoother the process. We work closely with you and your family to establish a time line that is comfortable and attainable and fits within your schedule. Our expert team will prioritize what is most important and helpful in your next phase and assist in decisions of which items to bring with you and make sure they will all fit into your new home. It is our experience that our clients enjoy having a neutral third party's input during this process.

Q. How quickly can you liquidate an estate?
A. If all the legal matters of the estate have been resolved the time involved   to liquidated the estate depends on the size of the estate and the amount of items to be liquidated. This can be estimated during the consultation. Once the estate has been inventoried the online auction is usually set up for a two to three week period to allow buyers to review the auction block. This time is not set and can be longer or shorter at the request of you, our client. After the end of the auction the purchased items are picked up on a designated day and time.  We do not need you our client to be present at pickup.  Most times it is easier for our clients not to see the items leave.  Then it is the choice of the client as to whether the residual items are kept or donated. If donated we handle the donation and provide you, our client with an inventory of the donated items and a tax slip to use for your annual return. Once all the buyers payments are processed a check is provided to you within 7 days of the end of the auction .

Q. How quickly can you complete a move ?
A. Once the items to be moved are chosen and designated, the time involved depends strictly on how much is to be moved. Typically our experienced team can pack and move in no more than two days on average. But this depends on how much is to be moved. The longest process is the decisions made on what to take which as mentioned above is a process we like to spend the most time on to minimize any stress associated with the transition.

Q. What happens to the trash?
A. Our team will bag all the trash and make it accessible for your trash service. If there is an excessive amount, you the client will be responsible for paying the rental fee for a dumpster. We do have a list of contacts for you to choose from should this service be required and we will coordinate the delivery and pickup of the dumpster whether you choose from our list or give us a service of you're choosing.

Q. Who pays the moving company ?
A. You the client will pay the moving company on the day of the move. We will communicate with them before the move confirming all of the necessary details. We have a list of movers we have reviewed and personally approved, however, you are not restricted to this list. You may choose whomever you like and we will coordinate the move with them. Our lists are just for your convenience and they consist of companies we know provide exceptional services.

Q. I am concerned and anxious about the move and adjusting to my new home ?
A. That is a normal and valid concern. We hear this concern voiced by many of our clients. In order for your transition to be as stress free as possible you will have a project manager assigned to your project. Your project manager will work with you from start to finish guiding you through the process. Our ultimate goal and focus is on your satisfaction. We  pride ourselves with making the transition as seamless as possible. Our interior designer will place your chosen items carefully in your new home so that upon your arrival in your new home you will feel as comfortable and familiar as possible.

 Q. What if my family wants to participate and help with the move?
       How does this work if I hire you?
A. We  welcome the assistance of family members and look forward to working with them. We believe that communication between all involved parties is essential.  Therefore, providing everyone involved  up to date information concerning each stage of the move is vital and they are more than welcome to participate. We strive to meet everyone's expectations to keep the transition stress free. 

Q. How much does your services cost?
A. During your complimentary no-obligation consultation our team member will discuss with you the services available and the costs associated with them. As well as the financial benefits gleaned from an online auction vs. donation of unwanted items. There are a number of factors affecting the final cost and because our service is a customized service each estimate is unique.

Q. I would like to speak with someone who has used your services.
A. Certainly! We would be happy to provide you with references.    There are also reviews on out Facebook page.

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